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Tips for Using Your Outdoor Fireplace in the Winter

Outdoor fireplaces are great additions to any backyard, helping you make the most of summer nights and winter nights. Alongside the right seating and snacks, these tips for using your outdoor fireplace in the winter will help you enjoy the long nights over the next few months.

Use a Lid or Cover

The most important tip for using your outdoor fireplace in Denver is to cover the fireplace or fire pit with a lid to keep it clear of snow. A wet base will make it very hard to build a fire. If you forget or haven’t bought a lid yet, you’ll need to clear out as much snow as you can. Portable fire pits can be moved to a covered area, too.

Keep Your Fuel Dry

A wet base makes it difficult to start a fire, but so does damp firewood. You should store firewood in a dry spot throughout the winter; for gas fireplaces, you’ll need to double-check that nothing is leaking or packed with snow. Even if you do succeed in building a fire, you’ll end up with more smoke than flames.

Dig a Pathway

You need to be able to access your fireplace to enjoy it! Dig a pathway from your back door to the pit so that you and your guests aren’t wading through snowdrifts. And after you’re done, you can use the snowdrifts to create an open igloo for more fun.

Provide Dry Seating With Blankets

After you’ve cleared a walkway, brush any snow and ice off your chairs and tables to give them time to dry. You might want to store your seating in a covered area alongside your firewood. Want to be more festive? Use large tree stumps for seating.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Fireplace

The most important tip for using your outdoor fireplace in the winter is to enjoy it! You can roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa with family and friends to celebrate the holidays or have fun on any winter night!

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