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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Roof Style

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Roof Style

Every Denver homeowner needs a private patio to enjoy their outdoor space. You’ll also need a roof to extend the area and provide comfortable shade. Choosing the right patio roof style requires a little bit of forethought. Use these tips to pick the best one for your home.

Think About Coverage

Patio roofs offer extra coverage from the elements. However, they also provide privacy while extending the shaded area of your outdoor space. Think about how much coverage you need when choosing the right patio roof style for you.

Ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • Do you want your roof to offer full or partial coverage?
  • Do you need to create more protected space that extends beyond your patio?
  • Does your roof need to address privacy concerns?

Keep Climate in Mind

When thinking about coverage, throw climate into the mix. Depending on your average weather, a full patio roof might be more beneficial. However, homeowners who experience mostly sunny skies might consider a lattice or pergola-style cover instead.

Denver residents experience all seasons, specifically sunny summers and snowy winters. If you want to enjoy your patio no matter the time of year, then opting for a solid, full-coverage patio roof style is the way to go.

Incorporate Your Aesthetic

You might think that functionality is the most important patio roof quality. However, looks also matter! Your outdoor living space should match your home’s exterior.

A mismatched patio roof will lower your home’s overall value. While you might not be ready to sell your home just yet, considering these factors will put you in a position for success. Make sure your materials, color, and style look like a seamless extension of your exterior.

Add In Patio Features

Your patio cover style should accommodate your existing and potential features, too. For example, your new roof shouldn’t interfere with fire features. Make sure yours has a chimney, or design your roof to provide plenty of ventilation.

Get creative when styling your patio roof with tons of cool accessories. Rustic chandeliers, light fixtures, and wood paneling can help cultivate a cozy atmosphere. Your patio roof and features should work together to amp up the ambiance.

Consider Customizations

The best part about choosing a patio roof style is all the customizable opportunities. Your outdoor living space should be unique to your home.

Add a skylight to bask in the sun without suffering through the heat. Attach privacy walls to your patio roof to make your space even more secure. You can even grow vines on your roof to add a whimsical touch of nature.

Kona Contractors Can Help You Choose the Right Patio Roof Style

If you’re looking for patio cover contractors that prioritize customizations and high-quality work, call Kona Contractors. Schedule a consultation using our website to jumpstart the process. We can’t wait to build your perfect outdoor additions.