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When Is the Right Time To Add a Pergola to Your Patio?

When Is the Right Time To Add a Pergola to Your Patio?

Now that summer is nearing its end, Denver residents are approaching perfect weather. This time of year is excellent for sitting outside and enjoying your own private deck. If you feel like something is missing, why not build a beautiful pergola to add some peaceful shade?

Like most things in life, there’s a time and place for everything. Most professionals agree that post-summer is the right time to add a pergola to your patio. If you still need convincing, learn why fall is the optimal time of year to make renovations to your deck.

Why Fall Is the Right Time To Add a Pergola to Your Patio

It’s no secret that autumn is beautiful in Denver. Pair that with a gorgeous shade structure over your deck, and you’ve got the perfect backyard setup. However, this isn’t the only reason early fall is the right time to add a pergola to your patio.

The Weather Is More Predictable

Any outdoor contractor will tell you that weather changes are the bane of their existence. Rain and snow make working outside challenging. Thunderstorms create safety hazards and force construction delays.

Spring and summer are notorious for scattered showers. Winter brings cold weather and snowfall that’s hard to work in. That leaves you with fall, the perfect time of year for outdoor construction.

There’s Less Competition

Outdoor contractors have a busy season. If you decide to build a backyard structure, you can bet that other people have had the same thought. The latter half of the year is usually less competitive, giving you “first dibs” on your favorite contractor.

Think about it like this: pergolas add shade without blocking the sun and give vines something to grow on. Everyone will want to add this feature right when spring rolls around. Be the first in line by scheduling your pergola build for early fall instead.

You’ll Be Ready for Next Year

The worst thing you can do is wait until the middle of the season to start scheduling. If you want a shady spot to enjoy summer, you can’t wait until May to begin the process. Building a pergola in early fall ensures you’ll be ready for next year.

During spring and summer, your patio is prime real estate. You shouldn’t have to give up your backyard for construction during this time of year. By taking care of it early, you’ll have plenty of time to relax in your outdoor space during the warm months.

The clock is ticking! Look no further than Kona Contractors for quick and reliable pergola builders in Denver. Schedule a consultation with us and get on the books today.