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Patio vs. Pergola Roof Covers: Which Is Right for You?

Patio vs. Pergola Roof Covers: Which Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a shade solution for your outdoor space, you might be stuck between two different choices: patio or pergola roof covers. They might seem to have the same advantages, but there are a few key differences.

How do you choose between patio versus pergola roof covers? Which is right for you? Check out this comparison to find the right shade approach for your backyard.

Patio vs. Pergola Roof Covers

Sometimes these two features are confused for one another, but there are some distinctions that separate them. A patio is essentially an extension of your home, extending from an exterior wall to shade an area like a patio or deck.

Typically, patio covers provide shade to patio doors or any entryway leading to a backyard. They are a solid panel of material, such as aluminum or fiberglass, with posts supporting the weight of the structure on one end.

A pergola is not a solid piece; instead, it’s constructed of open rafters, meant to define an outdoor space and provide some shade. You can have a pergola cover outfitted with a retractable canopy to protect your patio or deck from the elements.

Benefits of a Patio Cover

Patio covers give homeowners a ton of benefits. First, they provide total shade around a portion of your home, helping you save on utility bills. The shade helps your home stay cooler and reduces the need to constantly run your air conditioner.

You can also outfit patio covers with accessories such as lighting, fans, and home entertainment equipment to increase your enjoyment of your patio. With the right accessories, a patio cover can essentially give you more living space in your home.

Benefits of a Pergola Cover

While pergolas don’t provide the total protection that patio covers do, they do add style to your outdoor space. They deliver an aesthetic factor that patio covers can’t. They allow for more breeze and sunlight to enter the space, which is great if you have potted plants or other foliage that needs sunlight to thrive. In fact, vine plants can easily grow on a pergola.

If you’d like some cover, you can equip your pergola with canopies and curtains to ensure some privacy from neighbors. But if you’re looking for a stylish and free-flowing design for your patio, you might be interested in a pergola cover instead of a patio cover.

Now that you know the difference between patio versus pergola roof covers, which one is right for you? Contact Kona Contractors, a Denver pergola company, to find out which addition is best for your home!

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