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What Are the Different Patio Roof Materials?

What Are the Different Patio Roof Materials?

Your patio roof has the potential to be an architectural statement and that depends on the type of patio roof you have installed. But what are the different patio roof materials? You have a few choices from lattice to wooden and all have their pros and cons.

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What Are the Different Patio Roof Materials?

The aesthetics of your backyard are as important as the curb appeal of the front of your home. When you’re deciding between patio roofs, you have a few options:


Aluminum might be one of the most common materials thanks to its durability and flexibility in design. They’re also low maintenance and are long-lasting, along with different styles and colors. But even though they can withstand harsh weather, they can be louder than other options during rainfall.


Wood, and composite wood patio covers, are a simple and elegant patio cover. They both offer natural colors and patterns that can easily blend in with other elements of your home, like a deck.


You might be familiar with acrylic or vinyl patio covers in Denver, CO. They’re available in different finishes, colors and easy to clean. Acrylic patio covers are made from plastic, and while they can stand up to heavy snowfalls and other elements, they can become discolored in the sun if you don’t apply a protective layer like paint or polish.


Lattice patio covers can be a very elegant solution for your patio. When they’re installed, your contractor can form a pattern that allows for only partial cover, letting in wind and sunshine.

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