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Routine Maintenance To Make Your Concrete Patio Last

Routine Maintenance To Make Your Concrete Patio Last

Let’s be honest; outdoor spaces sustain damage easier than other areas of the home. Whether it’s Mother Nature rearing her ugly head or foot traffic scuffing surfaces, your patio is always vulnerable. Giving your home’s exterior a little TLC will help keep things looking immaculate.

If you want to make your concrete patio last, doing some routine maintenance is essential. Include these tasks to keep your outdoor living space in pristine condition all year long.

Keep Your Patio Clean

A clean patio is a healthy patio. Even though concrete looks sturdy, it can hold onto stains and make your space look worse for wear. Cleaning your concrete patio once a week will get rid of any dirt and debris.

While most will consider sweeping a good cleaning activity for your patio, it is not the most effective method. The easiest way to clean your patio is by using a power washer. However, you can use a garden hose, dish soap, and push broom to scrub your outdoor space. Allowing grease, pet stains, and excessive dirt to sit on your patio speeds up erosion, ultimately degrading its integrity.

Pro Tip: While most would consider sweeping a good cleaning activity for your patio, it’s not the most effective method. The easiest way to wash away any unsightly blemishes is by using a power washer. High-powered water streams can blast away the toughest imperfections with the utmost ease.

Apply Protective Sealants

Did you know that you can seal concrete to make it last longer? Concrete sealants form a protective barrier and help defend against natural and man-made factors.

Concrete sealers will preserve color, shine, and condition; you should apply these products every two to three years for maximum protection. Starting with a clean and dry surface can extend this time period, so stay on top of routine maintenance to make your concrete patio last.

Remove Overgrown Roots

Lush greenery can really elevate the atmosphere of any outdoor living space. However, trees and bushes have strong roots that can destroy your patio. Overgrown roots will crack your concrete and lead to catastrophic damage.

Cracked concrete might be the worst thing that could happen to your patio. Repairing cracks is challenging and usually results in a complete patio replacement. Trim your roots regularly if you want to reduce splits in your concrete.

Install a Patio Cover

Sometimes, protecting your patio is less about routine tasks and more about protective maintenance. Installing a patio cover will permanently shield your space and protect it from natural elements.

UV rays can degrade almost any material, including sturdy concrete. Damage from rain and snow will encourage mildew growth and speed up erosion. Building a patio cover will provide the shade you need to keep your area looking good as new.

Now that you know how to care for a concrete patio, you’re ready to start building. If you’re looking for fast and efficient patio installation in Denver, contact Kona Contractors. We can tackle any hardscaping project and bring your vision to life.