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7 Types of Outdoor Fire Features To Complete Your Yard

7 Types of Outdoor Fire Features To Complete Your Yard

So many factors contribute to the perfect backyard. Private patios, garden pergolas, swimming pools—each of these structures work together to craft your dream outdoor living space. However, there is one more addition that will add the finishing touches to any home: a fire feature.

When it comes to outdoor fire features, there are many types that will help you complete your yard. Don’t get burned by choosing the wrong structure; discover your options to transform your home’s exterior and take your space to the next level.

Round Fire Pit

If you’re looking for something simple and easily customizable, consider adding a round fire pit to your backyard. These fire features look excellent in any space, regardless of your existing structures. Whether you have a private deck or an open yard, your round fire pit will fit in any area.

The cool thing about fire pits is that they come in all kinds of variations. Above or below ground, propane or lumber, stone or copper—the possibilities are endless when you hire the right contractor for the job.

Octagonal Fire Pit

Speaking of variations, did you know that you can build a fire pit in different shapes and sizes? Choosing an interesting design makes for a unique backyard focal point that can also accommodate more people.

For example, opting for an octagonal fire pit creates a cool visual effect. You can also fit more people around this kind of design than traditional pits. If you’re looking for a warm place to entertain loved ones, an octagonal fire pit is the way to go.

Rectangular Fire Pit

In a similar fashion, rectangular fire pits offer a little more visual appeal than traditional fire pits. Often, these can be seen where individuals desire to have larger groups of people around the fire. Rectangular fire pits are perfect for outdoor spaces with more room for features.

Custom Fire Pit

Of course, everyone has their own special style. If you have an out-of-this-world idea for your patio, consider building a custom fire pit.

Your custom fire pit can be above or below ground. It can be any shape or size and feature any kind of flame-resistant, safe material. This is the moment to let your creativity shine, so work with your contractor to bring your unique vision to life.

Fire Feature

Of course, you don’t have to choose a fire pit to bring some warmth back into your outdoor living space. You can pick any fire feature (fire pit, fire bowl, or fireplace) to bring your backyard to life. Any decorative addition that “features fire” will do just fine.

This could be something extravagant, like an outdoor fireplace, or something a little more modest. No matter what you decide, an outdoor fire feature will complete your yard by creating a warm and welcoming space.

Vertical Fire Feature

If you like the idea of a fire pit but aren’t crazy about the shape, you still have another option. Vertical fire features operate in a similar way but have a more modern appearance. These fire features offer unbeatable aesthetics that complement any outdoor living space.

Keep things subtle with a short column with a more muted structure. If subtlety isn’t your thing, go grand with a tall fire feature.

Custom Fire Feature

Just like fire pits, you can also create a custom fire feature to fit your aesthetic. You can install your personalized fire feature directly into your deck or have it free-standing. Kick back with a loved one in front of warm flames or rest with friends on a toasty, enclosed patio.

How To Determine Which Fire Feature Is Right for You

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fire features for you to choose from. With all of these options, how do you decide which one is perfect for you? Homeowners should ask themselves a few questions to assist in the decision-making process.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Space is a massive factor when deciding between fire features. Choosing one that’s too small may mean it won’t emit enough heat for your deck. However, selecting one too large can be a safety hazard and make your deck unbearably hot.

Petite patios need smaller structures like vertical fire features or small fire pits. These options emit enough heat to cover a contained space without all of the danger. Larger, more open backyards can accommodate elaborate outdoor fireplaces and custom features without overwhelming the area.

What’s the Purpose of Your Fire Feature?

You should also think about how you will use your fire feature. What are the most important aspects of your new addition? Are you focused on heat, aesthetics, or functionality? Knowing where your priorities lie will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

Rectangular and octagonal fire pits are perfect for social homeowners needing space for everyone to gather around. If you want something more unique, personalized fire features will provide interesting visual appeal.

What’s Your Budget?

Of course, you don’t want to break your bank while fitting your yard with the perfect fire piece. Some additions cost more than others because they are more elaborate. Make sure the determine your budget before starting construction.

Smaller features usually cost less because they need less manpower to get up and running. On the other hand, in-ground fire pits and built-in fireplaces require professional expertise to install correctly. While they may be an investment, permanent fixtures will pay for themselves quickly in functionality, look, and fun memories.

Choose Kona Contractors for Your New Fire Feature

Picking an outdoor fire feature shouldn’t be overwhelming. The right contractor will look at your space, listen to your goals, and help you design the best addition for your backyard.

Stop the endless search for outdoor fireplace construction in Denverand call Kona Contractors today. With our wide variety of services, we are confident in our ability to bring your backyard vision to life. Connect with us on social media or our website to learn more about us and schedule a free consultation to get the ball rolling on your next exciting outdoor project.

7 Types of Outdoor Fire Features To Complete Your Yard

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