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Ways To Create More Privacy on Your Deck

Ways To Create More Privacy on Your Deck

It’s hard to beat the tranquil solitude that private decks provide. Sometimes, all you need after a long and stressful day is some uninterrupted personal time in your own backyard. However, getting that peace and quiet can be challenging if your space doesn’t offer enough privacy.

Whether you have nosy neighbors or just need a place to withdraw, a private escape in your own backyard is always a great option. There are so many ways to create more privacy on your deck. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve; talk with your contractors to draft a design that will meet all your outdoor living space needs.

Install a Roof

Uncovered decks can make you feel too vulnerable by putting you out in the open. Sequester yourself in your own space by installing a functional and fabulous roof. Deck roof covers create enough overhead coverage to make you feel cozy and secure without causing claustrophobia.

The best thing about patio roof installation is that it offers several benefits. Not only do roof covers add more privacy, but they also protect your deck from the elements. You can also use this feature to extend your outdoor space and add interesting décor to spice things up.

Construct a Pergola

There’s nothing better than catching a breeze in your outdoor living space. Some structures don’t allow for much free-flowing air. However, constructing an elegant pergola will create enough shade and privacy without obstructing wind and sunshine.

Because of their open-roof design, pergolas are perfect for hanging light fixtures and plant baskets. You can use different kinds of lumber to cultivate a rustic aesthetic that’s charming and comfortable, or you can paint your pergola white for a light and airy feel.

Build Privacy Walls

Some homeowners love feeling closed off from the rest of the world. The need for seclusion often overrides any other design element. If this sounds like you, building privacy walls could be the perfect addition to your deck.

Privacy walls allow you the space to be creative. The right contractor can use any kind of material to design customized privacy features. Solid walls will separate you from your neighbors and add an interesting visual element to your outdoor area.

Create Privacy Screens

Another way to create more privacy on your deck is by installing screens. Similar to privacy walls, privacy screens form a perfect box around your patio, but they offer a little more flexibility. You can make these deck additions portable so that you can personalize your privacy needs.

There are so many unique ways to design trendy privacy screens for your deck. Consider repurposing old fencing or using deck planks to craft your unique privacy feature. You could even use your screen to create distinct areas on your patio for different activities.

Design a Trellis

Are you looking for something with a lot of interesting detail? If so, designing a trellis could give you the perfect amount of privacy. These stunning structures look amazing in any space and complement backyard gardens beautifully.

Adding a trellis to your deck will give you more privacy while allowing air to move freely through your space. Stick with a traditional pattern by opting for a simple and functional lattice design. You could also choose bolder, more decorative patterns to customize your patio even further.

Optimize Your Fire Feature

Is there a better way to spend your nights than camping out in front of a fire? Customized fire features provide the perfect area to entertain guests or relax on your own. If you use it the right way, your fire feature can also add an element of privacy.

By being strategic about your fire feature placement, you can create an additional level of privacy without building extra structures. Outdoor fireplaces are large enough to obstruct an outsider’s view while providing warmth and character to your space. You could also install your fire feature into a privacy wall and kill two birds with one stone.

Add a Deck Railing

You don’t always need a solid barrier to isolate your deck from the rest of your neighborhood. Sometimes, adding the right kind of railing can provide enough privacy without completely eliminating your view. This is a good option for homeowners who value their personal space but still want to see into their yard.

Like many of these features, deck railings come with added bonuses. For example, fencing makes your deck safer for kids by giving them something to hold onto. You can also use your railing to add lighting elements that will bring your outdoor space to life.

Drape a Canopy

Deck features are fantastic because you can mix and match them. You don’t have to choose just one option to bring your vision to life. In addition to these incredible deck privacy features, you can also drape a canopy for added protection.

If you want a sturdy and durable patio covering, installing an awning will give you plenty of coverage. You could also keep it simple by hanging flowing curtains and other types of fabric. Pick a pattern that matches your aesthetic and let your canopy express your unique style.

Grow Lush Greenery

Of course, no outdoor living space is complete without gorgeous, lush greenery enveloping the area. Plants liven up any backyard and pair well with all the unique privacy features mentioned above. Planting trees won’t just raise your home’s value; it will also create a natural barrier to shield your deck.

If you don’t want to add trees to your yard, use greenery to fortify your privacy additions. Growing vines on pergolas, railings, and trellises adds a layer of privacy to your space and fills in any gaps. You can also hang potted plants or stack them along open spaces to add even more privacy.

Let Kona Contractors Address Your Privacy Needs

Your outdoor living space should make you feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Adding privacy measures will only amplify your love of your deck. If you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, contact Kona Contractors today.

No matter what privacy feature you choose, we’re ready to design your perfect deck or patio. With experienced contractors on site, we can customize any element to meet your specific needs. Explore our gallery of completed projects, and let us know how we can transform your space.

Ways To Create More Privacy on Your Deck