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Top 3 Ways To Incorporate Wood In Your Outdoor Living Space

We desire to support our customers designing their dream outdoor living space with conscious awareness of the materials they are choosing and why. While everyone loves how wood looks, some customers eventually realize they do not enjoy the character that wood checks provide. It is important to know that when wood checks occur they are not always an indication of damage.

Natural Wood Checks

Natural Wood Checks

In fact, it is completely natural for wood checks and shakes to occur over time. We recommend enjoying these natural features in places that you will never be worried about any structural damage occurring as well. 

Wooden Aspen Cut Pergola Installation

Wooden Aspen Cut Pergola Installation

Our Top 3 Outdoor Living Space “Wood” Features

Our suggestion to install a red cedar wood pergola offers customers an easy and efficient way to incorporate wood into their outdoor living space. Allow yourself to enjoy the natural colors along with the checks and shakes and never worry about any structural damage, like you would with an all timber deck. Pergolas are often designed with Red Cedar Wood due to its natural weather resistant properties. We do offer and suggest altering your outdoor living space look with more dense and stylish species if you desire to avoid large checks and shakes. Though, there can be a price to pay with this “look” due to the supply and demand of wood species available at the time. 

Often, we find customers designing and installing gardens and plant sanctuaries in their outdoor living space. This is the ideal location for an arbor installation. Wood checks and shakes in an arbor with grapevines is a beautiful sight! 

Roof Covers are one of the outdoor living space features that incorporates a variety of wood species for different phases of the installation. Enjoy Cedar or AYC GluLam in your roof cover post and then top it off with beetle kill tongue and groove on the underside of the roof. Everywhere your eyes may roam, there will be a beautiful and sustainable “natural look” installation. 

Wooden Feature Suggestions

How do customers benefit from our wooden feature installations?

  • Eliminate any long term structural issues from integrating a timber frame into your Colorado deck.
  • Eliminate the worry of your Colorado deck aesthetically declining over time. 
  • Immerse yourself with the natural wood look under a pergola or roof cover. 

Wood checks and shakes can cause worry if you are not aware of the natural process of wood drying out over time. When we deter customers from timber frame decks, we eliminate a large portion of where wood checks and shakes would occur in their outdoor living space. This supports customers who are interested in maintaining the original look and feel of their outdoor living space throughout their use of the space. Never worry about damage from checks and shakes on your Colorado Deck when you build a deck out of a steel frame and composite decking. However, you can enjoy all the character and design of a pergola with wood checks and shakes. The best part is, due to the smaller dimensions of cuts, you’ll never have to worry over time about structural damage to your pergola from the checks and shakes.

Wood Pergolas

How customers directly benefit from our selective wooden installation(s)?

When we begin to collaborate with our clients on the small details behind their outdoor living space design, “what type of wood is best for our pergola?” often appears at the forefront of questions. We previously discussed in a blog post the most ideal woods based on your budget, timing, and style. Often, clients settle with red cedar wood due its constant availability and durability in all 4 seasons of weather. Red Cedar wood will have natural occurring checks and shakes, and due to the smaller size cuts of wood, these checks and shakes are appealing. When we design and install roof covers, beetle kill tongue and groove for the underside is almost a sure winner for everyone – cheap pine and beautiful natural outdoor colors.

Most customers enjoy the natural ‘blue” look from beetle kill tongue and groove installations. Possibly due to the fact that the color blue is often associated with communication, creativity, health, expression, stability and vitality. Occasionally, customers prefer to stain their roof cover underside a particular color to match the rest of their outdoor living space details. We are always accommodating those requests and desires.

Wood Stain Styles
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