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Top Reasons To Install a New Deck

Top Reasons To Install a New Deck

There are some telltale signs that it’s time for a new deck. After years of exposure to the elements, your deck could show signs of damage. But you also don’t have to wait until your deck has lots of wear and tear to replace it. Alternatively, you may want to expand your outdoor living space or increase your property value.

Explore the top reasons to install a new deck here!

Return on Investment

Did you know that a deck provides one of the highest returns on investment you can put into your home? It’s true! Installing a deck is a relatively inexpensive home improvement project that can entice potential home buyers when it’s time to sell your home. On the flip side, an old deck that looks like it needs repairs can bring down your home’s value.

Expanded Living Space

Installing a new deck in your yard can not only bring up your property value; it can also increase your living space during the warmer months. Upgrading from a smaller deck to a larger structure can give you more opportunities to gather with friends or family. A large deck can enable you to add elements like an attached pergola or even an outdoor fireplace.

Wear and Tear

After years of withstanding the elements, decks can sometimes begin to show wear and tear for several reasons. Termites and other bugs can cause structural damage as they chew through it. Furthermore, water can collect in the holes and gaps, causing rot. Heavy planters or furniture can also lead to warped boards. The presence of one or more of these issues is a top reason to install a new deck.

You can inspect various parts of your deck, including the post connections and ledger boards, for any structural damage or irregularities. Additionally, you can pour water onto the deck and see if the water seeps in. For a more thorough inspection, contact a professional to do an assessment.

Having a worthwhile ROI, replacing a damaged deck, and increasing your outdoor living space are top reasons to install a new deck. Contact Kona Contractors for your Denver deck installation!