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Top Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Top Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Everyone wants to have a killer backyard. With some upgrades now and then, it is possible to create an oasis a few steps from your doorway—and it might not take as much work as you think. Working with what you already have and making additions is a great place to start. And if you are ready for significant improvements, that’s doable too. An outdoor living contractor can install a deck or patio for you to make the most of your property.

Homeowners can often forget about the opportunities that outdoor spaces offer, but they provide a ton of living space for relaxing or entertaining friends and family. Even if your outdoor space is smaller than you would like, there are some helpful tips to heighten your tiny space for your family to enjoy.

These are the top ways to improve your outdoor living space!

Color Palette

Before you begin adding additions to your outdoor space, think about the colors you’d to incorporate. For example, whites and other neutral tones are great for a tranquil atmosphere if you spend most of your time outside relaxing. But what if you’re into entertaining? Vibrant colors are your go-to!


If you’re entertaining or relaxing, you should mix in areas for lounging! Here are some ideas to encourage friends and family to put their feet up for much-needed downtime:

  • Hammocks: Adding a hammock to your deck or patio is a fast and easy way to make your backyard more inviting! Hammocks are an opportunity for decoration, too! They are incredibly universal and can work in any setting.
  • Daybed: Have you ever thought about sleeping under the stars? A daybed for your deck is a great place to relax after work or for the kids to have a sleepover. There are even swinging daybeds available if you like the idea of a hammock but want to step it up a bit.
  • Floor poufs: Maybe your outdoor space is smaller, and you can’t incorporate a hammock or daybed—you can still make the area comfy! Poufs, a cross between an ottoman and a floor pillow, can allow you to put your feet up and stretch after a long day.


Step up your lighting! Adding lighting like lanterns, string lights, or even candlelight can enhance the atmosphere of your space. Lanterns and candles will give a more playful feeling, while string lights will make any get-together more festive! And solar lights around a garden and pathway will add ambiance and solid footing after the sun goes down. You can create a living space that extends well into the wee hours by adding some light.

Fire Pit

If you wanted to keep the party going into the nighttime, consider installing a fire pit. Gather family and friends around a fire to roast marshmallows, or if you enjoy cooking, an outdoor fireplace or kitchen is more your speed.


No matter the size of your patio, porch, or deck, there are ways to add an alfresco dining area. Find dining furniture that fits your color scheme. And don’t forget to include an umbrella. Umbrellas can block unexpected weather and the hot sun, making the next time you dine outdoors more enjoyable. Is your space a bit cramped? Create a breakfast nook instead!


Purchasing some plants to add to your outdoor space can change the feel of it! Line your deck with native plants or bring the islands home with potted palms; you can also make your entire space tropical themed with prints and an island color scheme. You can enhance your outdoor area’s relaxation by adding plants while also creating more privacy for you and your family.

Water Feature

If you’re looking to your backyard for more relaxation, a water feature can help set the tone of an oasis outside your doors. You can go big or small: water fountains come in many sizes, from tabletop to focal pieces that can sit among your flowers in the garden.


By landscaping your yard, you can create a great space to enjoy! You can tier out steep hills to incorporate gardens and even seating areas. Hardscaping is also an option; create a whimsical feel in your gardens by adding stone pathways.


Don’t forget about your feet! Adding rugs and other fabrics to your space will increase the coziness and make it feel that much more like an extended living space during the warmer months. Purchase rugs made explicitly from the outdoors so that they can withstand any inclement weather and harsh sunlight.

Rattan Furniture

Now that your ideal outdoor space is taking shape, what kind of furniture will you use for your dining area or breakfast nook? Try rattan or wicker furniture. They are highly durable and will add a Bohemian feel to your décor. If you have plants on your porch or patio, natural fiber furniture will look right at home!

Patio Pavers

Consider installing patio pavers over an existing concrete slab if you’re looking for a more structural overhaul of your backyard space. Not only are pavers aesthetically pleasing, but they’re easy to repair. And if you ever find a paver that’s cracked or stained, you can quickly repair or fix that single piece rather than the entire slab.


Maybe you’d like to sit among your trees and gardens as opposed to directly against your house? For an authentic oasis experience at home, a pergola is an excellent addition to any backyard. The open-top protects against the elements but still allows cool breezes and stargazing. Pergolas are also a great addition to your deck to increase your outdoor living space and privacy in one step!

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures—maybe your chairs are rattan, but the table is solid oak or glass. Mix it up, and the eclectic brilliance of your newly decorated deck or patio will surprise you! Don’t overthink it; you’re decorating for the outdoors, it’s best to keep things more casual.

Implementing even a few of these top ways to improve your outdoor living space will give you a renewed interest in your property! Take advantage of your backyard; every outdoor area has potential.

If you’d like more ideas on improving your deck or patio, search through the blog at Kona Contractors! We specialize in deck, patio, and pergola construction in Denver, and we can make your backyard into a private oasis.

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