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Ways To Make the Most Out of Your Deck Space

Ways To Make the Most Out of Your Deck Space

You don’t have to stop using your deck when the seasons change. In fact, lower temperatures make spending time outside a treat! Your deck’s design is the key to enjoying your outdoor living space all year ‘round.

When it comes to creating the perfect patio, every feature counts. You’ll want to maximize your area while designing a cozy, welcoming environment. Take advantage of every unused corner to make the most out of your deck space.

Choose the Right Decking

Homeowners waste so much time maintaining decks featuring poor materials. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying your patio and not making repairs? Use your time wisely by choosing the right decking right off the bat.

Mineral-based composite decking is scratch-, stain-, and weather-resistant. A simple cleaning routine and an occasional power wash are all it takes to keep things looking new. Build your deck with sturdy materials so that you can reap the benefits without all the hard work.

Amp Up the Ambience

Now that you have a solid base, it’s time to get the atmosphere right. If you want to make the most of your deck space, you need to make it comfortable and inviting. This is where patio features come into play.

Hire reliableoutdoor fireplace builders, like Kona Contractors, to construct your perfect fire feature. Outdoor fireplaces create a romantic environment, ideal for relaxing under the stars or spending quality time with a loved one.

Don’t stop there! Ambience is all about lighting. Decks have so many light fixture options that will make your space unique. Consider under rail lighting, overhead lighting, or string lights to set the right tone. Now, you can use your outdoor living space at any time of the day.

Prioritize Privacy

The best decks are the ones with tons of privacy. Nobody wants their entire neighborhood looking into their relaxation space. Prioritize privacy by building barriers to secure your area.

Walls with a lattice design create privacy without completely obstructing your view. Strategic rail placements also have the same effect. Don’t forget to top your patio off with a roof for maximum security.

Also, let your decorative add-ons perform double duty by building your fire feature to block outside views. Privacy screens and pergolas will also protect your peace without overcrowding your space.

Get Creative With Customizations

Building an outdoor living space should be a fun experience! Your deck is the perfect space to get creative with customizations. You’re one in a million, and your patio should reflect your individuality.

The right contractor will have no problem bringing your unique design requests to life. For example, adding a skylight will make your space feel more open. Additionally, customized chandeliers add elegance to an otherwise casual area.

Accommodate Every Season

Most homeowners have no problem using their decks during spring and summer. However, people tend to retreat indoors once temperatures drop. If you accommodate your outdoor living space for every season, you’ll get way more use out of it.

With the right additions, you can enjoy your deck no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Patio roofs will protect you and your space during rainy seasons. They will also provide much-needed shade in the heat of the summer.

Fire features provide warmth on chilly Denver nights. Pergolas allow breezes to cool your space when needed. You could even add warming features to your pool to use it any time of the year.

Leave Room for Activities

Your outdoor living space isn’t only a sitting area; it could be a fully functional entertainment area. To make the most of your deck, define different spaces to make room for all your features.

If you like grilling and hosting daytime gatherings, create an outdoor kitchen space. Build a grill island and custom bar to cook food, make drinks, and enjoy the fresh air with friends. Also, invest in comfortable outdoor seating so that everyone has a space to relax.

Round fire pits are perfect for sitting around, telling ghost stories, and toasting marshmallows. Add a few cozy chairs so that your family can gather ‘round for some nighttime fun. Your loved ones will cherish these precious memories forever.

Don’t Forget About Safety

No matter how “decked out” your space is, you can’t forgo safety. Everyone should be able to enjoy their patio without fear of injury. Fortunately, adding aesthetically pleasing safety features to your deck is easy.

You should always have rails along your perimeter, especially if your deck is on the second story. Households with children can’t afford to skip this crucial add-on. You should also install deck railings on any staircases leading to and from your patio.

Lights aren’t only for ambience. They’re also an essential safety feature that improves visibility. If you want to use your deck at night, add overhead lighting, track lighting, and rail cap lights to brighten your space.

Decorate From Deck to Roof

Your deck is an extension of your home. Would you leave a large portion of your interior completely bare? If you said “no,” you should find a use for every square inch of your outdoor living space.

Decorate everything, from deck boards to the rooftop. Consider your aesthetic and find ways to bring it to life! If you’re going for a rustic deck, choose reclaimed wood, stone, and steel to adorn your space.

Your deck features play a huge role in patio décor. A grand stone fireplace will look immaculate and keep things looking consistent. You can further customize your grill island and rails to make things pop.

Don’t forget about your roof. Just because it’s higher than your eye line doesn’t mean you should leave it blank. Hang an antler chandelier, install wood paneling, and grow vines across your pergola. A decorated roof will add the perfect finishing touch.

Hire Kona Contractors To Build Your Perfect Deck

The best way to make the most out of your deck space is by hiring a contractor who has your best interests in mind. At Kona Contractors, we aren’t just deck builders; we are outdoor living space experts. Decking, fire features, patio roofs; you name it, we can make it happen.

Check out our gallery and see all of our incredible projects. You can get a free estimate by requesting a quote on our website. No matter your customizations, we can help design the deck of your dreams.

Ways To Make the Most Out of Your Deck Space