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3 Ways a Pergola Adds Value to Your Home

Home value is something every homeowner wants to increase. Even if you’re years away from selling, making the right improvements to your home will set you up for success. Don’t stop at interior remodels; your outdoor living space can also boost the value of your home.

Many Denver residents choose pergolas to enhance their backyards. Why are these garden structures so popular with homeowners? Discover the unique ways a pergola adds value to your home.

They Are Functional

Pergolas aren’t just pretty additions to your backyard; they’re also totally functional. A good pergola will add the perfect amount of shade while inviting cool breezes on warm days. With a pergola, you can sit outside and enjoy your deck no matter the weather.

These structures also add a level of privacy that bare patios desperately need. By building a pergola, you can relax in your outdoor living space without worrying about spying eyes.

They Are Durable

Pergolas add value to your home in many ways, but there’s a catch—they have to be durable. A well-built pergola can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. Rain, snow, or shine, your garden structure should stand tall with minimal damage.

Hire expert pergola designers to build a strong backyard feature you can rely on; they’ll construct your pergola from sturdy lumber like cedar or pine. Prospective buyers will jump at the chance to purchase a home with a durable pergola that doesn’t require any repairs.

They Improve Your Backyard’s Appearance

Everyone appreciates a well-designed pergola. While these features serve a practical purpose, the truth of the matter is that pergolas are beautiful. These backyard structures add a level of sophistication to an otherwise boring deck.

Many people are particular about how their outdoor living spaces look. If your backyard appears dull and lifeless, potential buyers may choose a different housing option. Homeowners who opt to build pergolas can reap the benefits for as long as they live at that home while increasing the house’s selling odds down the line.

Add a Pergola to Your Outdoor Living Space With Kona Contractors

If you’re ready to boost your home’s value with an outdoor living space your neighbors will envy, it’s time to call Kona Contractors. We have decades of experience building high-quality pergolas that enhance every outdoor living space. Check out our gallery to see what we have to offer, and call us today to start the process!