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What To Expect When Installing a New Patio

What To Expect When Installing a New Patio

So, you’re ready to start your outdoor living space renovations—congratulations! Building a patio is an exciting process that will transform your home’s exterior. However, many homeowners don’t know what’s coming when they start developing plans.

Depending on your contractor, some methods, communication styles, and timelines may differ. Fortunately, Denver residents can look forward to an easy build with Kona Contractors. If you can’t believe it, here’s what to expect when installing a new patio.

Expect Creative Designs

Good outdoor living contractors know that patios are like snowflakes; each one is unique. Before building gets underway, you’ll go through a design phase to create your perfect outdoor escape. This is where you can get creative with customization requests.

Some homeowners enter this stage knowing exactly what they want their patio to look like. Others may have a general picture, and some might not know what they want at all. Luckily, your contractor is an expert and will ask all the right questions to design the space of your dreams.

Expect Thorough Land Surveying

Much of what your patio installation service can offer will depend on your home and land. If your home structure or yard can’t accommodate certain features, your contractor will let you know. They’ll need to perform a thorough land survey to see what they have to work with.

Your outdoor living professional will find the best location to build based on things like airflow and natural shade. They’ll also consider space constraints and other landscaping issues that might get in the way.

Expect Expert Installation

All that’s left to do is build your outdoor living space. Working with a reputable contracting service will ensure quick installation. Your experts will outline the build area, excavate the land, and bring in all the necessary materials to get the ball rolling.

Once they’ve completed the foundation, your contractor will start on the bells and whistles. Patio roofs, outdoor fire features, and light fixtures will give your space a finishing touch. Your yard might look a little worse for wear initially; however, an efficient contracting team will put things back together in record time.

Install a New Patio with Kona Contractors

Now that you know what to expect when installing a new patio, you can call Kona Contractors to start the process. You can schedule a free consultation with our Denver patio contractors on our website. You’ll never regret making this fantastic renovation when you see how easy it is from start to finish.