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Why Are Pergolas Such a Popular Outdoor Design Choice?

Why Are Pergolas Such a Popular Outdoor Design Choice?

When it comes to creating your perfect outdoor living space, homeowners have many options. However, few offer as many benefits as a beautiful pergola. This structure can stand tall above your Denver patio and add character to your home.

Why are pergolas such a popular outdoor design choice? It’s easy to see when you break down all of their incredible advantages, including offering plenty of shade as well as a multitude of customization options. You’ll never regret building this one-of-a-kind backyard addition.

They Provide Shade

One reason why you should get a pergola is so you can enjoy your patio during any season, you need to feel comfortable. Umbrellas provide some shade but don’t always look the best. On the other hand, pergolas shield your deck from the sun while looking intricately gorgeous.

Pergolas are perfect for homeowners who want shade without completely blocking out the sun—light will still shine through the lattice roof. You’ll get the best of both worlds by designing a pergola for your patio.

They Offer Privacy

Nobody wants nosy neighbors peeking into their outdoor living space. Pergolas add a level of privacy that many Denver homeowners desire. The best part is that they offer discretion without overwhelming your backyard.

Standard pergolas obstruct outsider views on their own. However, you can customize your structure with privacy walls for additional security.

They Add Aesthetic Value

Pergolas are such a popular outdoor design choice because of their aesthetic value. Many admire the style of these beautiful structures as their tall profiles make otherwise bland areas look more dynamic.

Pergolas can also raise your home’s overall value. People will pay a pretty penny for housing that comes with unique design features. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling anytime soon, building a pergola will set you up for success.

They Are Easily Customizable

Pergolas aren’t one-size-fits-all structures. In fact, they come in a wide range of varieties to match any exterior home design. The right contractor will customize your pergola based on your design preferences.

Colors, size, lumber species—you name it, we can personalize it. You can also grow vines up and across your pergola for a whimsical touch. Your pergola should work with your existing patio features, so whether you have an outdoor fireplace or grilling area, you can customize your structure to accommodate nearly anything.

Kona Contractors is a Denver pergola company that takes your requests seriously. Check out our website and social media to view our high-quality work. If your dream outdoor living space is missing a pergola, we are ready to bring your vision to life.