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Deck Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Deck Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

You want to get the most life out of your outdoor living space, don’t you? That’s exactly why you invest time and money into making your backyard the best additional living area to your home. If your home has a deck, your investment in a deck as a homeowner continues until the day you no longer call it your own.

Similar to any living space inside, an outdoor living area like a deck requires continual cleaning and maintenance all year long, especially throughout the change of seasons. No deck lasts forever, even with the best possible care, so here are the top deck maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Avoid Going Overboard With a Power Washer

Known commonly as one of the top deck maintenance mistakes to avoid, using too much pressure is an easy way to damage your deck. High-pressure washers can be fantastic tools for cleaning, but it takes practice and skills developed over time to use pressure washers efficiently. If your approach at the wrong angle, the pressure washer can scar a deck or even split an already vulnerable section.

If you own a newer composite deck, all the potential problems associated with wood decking are not eradicated. Power washing can scratch the deck; thus it is not necessary for composite decking, and should only be used at a low power setting to gently rinse off.

Avoid Improper Cleaning Techniques

When your deck needs to be cleaned, it must be cleaned properly. This means avoiding improper products or techniques besides mere power washers. This task doesn’t need to be complicated, however. The key to keep a deck in prime condition for years to come is to have a routine cleaning routine using the best available methods.

No matter the material, you should avoid cleaning your deck with chlorine bleach, which could permanently discolor the entirety of the deck’s surface. An effective alternative is dish soap or even laundry detergent mixed with water. The combination of a bristle brush to scrub in the opposite direction of the composite grain and a garden hose to rinse works wells to result in a stunning and spotless deck.

Avoid Inaccurate Surface Care

Synthetic sealants and stain finishes for wooden decks are more cost-effective, look the most natural, and prevent the deck from becoming an expensive-to-repair eyesore in the future. While composite wood decking does not need to be resealed or repainted, it’s crucial to keep the surface free from debris and scratches to keep its original beauty. Careful scrubbing and sweeping on the regular will help prevent mold and deep stains.

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